Are you ready?

1. Waiting

The more you turn to your electronic devices while waiting, the more you decrease the opportunity of inner productivity.

Every time you have to wait, focus exclusively on the NOW.

4. Feeling bored

The feeling of being bored can be quite powerful yet at the same time it is also a reminder that you have the opportunity to return to presence.

3. Learn to wait

The work you do while waiting will help remove you from the idea that having to wait is a waste of time.

It’s only a waste of time, if you make it so. You can easily fill that space with meaningful, productive and nourishing inner work that is necessary for both your heart and soul.

4. Become a master

Waiting provides you with the opportunity of moving into presence. With enough conscious practice you can easily become able to enter full presence immediately.

Until you are able to do this, it is important to step wisely and raise up your presence. You begin with your body, being aware of your body, being able to sense each part and when possible the entirety of your body.

5. Who you are

You can easily determine that you are not your thoughts nor are you your emotions. To all that you add of yourself, you enter that moment as I. You are here now…”I AM here, now.”

This is known as waiting presence and each of you are capable of turning any wait time into a time of presence.

6. Don't wait

During the day, you might remember the importance of spiritual practice, yet you are often distracted and by the time you get home, you are frustated or swept away by anger.

Make the best of these pocket of time during the day.